Bid Adieu to Stubborn Fat
Sculpting the Body of Your Dream

Who doesn’t love a sculpted body? FDA-approved and CE-certified, our UltraShape 3 Body Sculptor can target stubborn fat around areas such as the abdomen, waist, buttock, and thighs by utilising VDF (Vertical Dynamic Focus) technology. Ultrasound energy penetrates the subcutaneous fat layer for spot reduction, eliminating the risk of damaging surrounding skin tissue and ensuring ultimate safety.

Safe Way to a Sculpted Body

UltraShape 3 Body Sculptor does not cause thermal damage to skin, which eliminates side effects such as bruising and swelling. Non-surgical and pain-free, minimal downtime, maximum efficacy. Together with vacuum RF waves, it can enhance your treatment results by promoting blood circulation and metabolism, comprehensively toning and scupting your body. Over 850 clinical trial shows noticeable and remarkable results in reducing the thickness of fat layer by 25%.

4 Key Benefits

*Treatment process and results vary depending on the individual.